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Roleplaying Pride and Prejudice? Any takers? Am I the only dork?!

I don't know if this is allowed. I don't even know if people do this anymore, but I wanted to throw it out there. Okay, about seven years ago, I was involved in online roleplaying through instant messenger. I absolutely love to write, but I like to write collaboratively. The experience of bouncing ideas around and literally having someone react to your prose. . . so refreshing and entertaining. It appears to be a lost art. Anyhow, I am very interested in writing a continuation of P&P. (As if we really need another sequel, but they're so fun!) I have been inspired since stumbling upon the Lost in Austen mini-series, hence the icon. And I thought Colin Firth was fetching. . .

Anyone, I figured that there maybe some fans here that would be interested? I'm not really looking to do a LIA scenario, rather I'm interested in what takes place in the actual novel after the double wedding at Longbourn. I would use Cowan's unearthly good looks as inspiration for my Darcy if that results in any takers! ;-)

Hopefully, there are some role-players out there who would take interest in this. Unfortunately, this isn't quite the fandom anymore. It's been hard. I'm surprised.

I write posts nowadays through email in paragraph, third person. :)

If interested, I can fill you in with more information. For now, I'm looking for an Elizabeth to play opposite. Come, let us write a sequel! :)
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...Sure! :D
I might be quite up for doing this, though I'd rather be Georgiana than Elizabeth.

There are quite a lot of Regency RPGs around at the moment though, even specifically P&P ones. I'm a mod at The London Life which is very active and tries to be as historically accurate as possible. Though Jane Austen characters aren't allowed per se, there are lots of Austen inspired characters and plots.

Other Regency RPs include:
First Impressions
Ich Dien
Banbury Tale
Universally Acknowledged

I don't know if this is what you're interested in, but it might help. But I would be quite up in doing something via e-mail! Let me know. :)
Thanks! I have actually perused most of the boards. My real interest is in writing Mr. Darcy after the double wedding at Longbourn. Because of that, there would naturally be some intimate scenarios that would do better to take place within a email-to-email environment, though I don't have it in me to be particularly smutty.

I thank you for extending the invitation, but I was a bit lost when I looked around London Life. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I was intimidated by the amount of decorum to try and uphold! xD I will, perhaps, check it out again. It's always nice to go into something knowing a moderator! I have never played within a forum, so that intimidated me as well. I would have to definitely brush up on my skills. ;)

If you are interested in trying something with me, that would be splendid. I am never one to dismiss new writing buddies. :)

Feel free to IM me at FitzwillmDarcy!
If this happens I would love to be involved, although i have never Rp'd before...my sister is anvid memeber of several groups and it always looks fun (I'm a Wickham girl myself..but only in the LIA version!)
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