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tags & other mod crap

I have never maintained or modded a community with plus 100 members, but neither do I want to be too intrusive. And at this point, I don't find it necessary to find a co-mod as this place seems to manage itself well. Just some official rules now that we're a sizable amount of people.

[+] Tag your entries. If you feel as though we need more tags, suggest that here please. And offer your advice on the current system.

[+] If you'd like to pimp and/or affiliate a community or art journal, PM me beforehand. From here on out, I will delete posts that pimp communities without permission.

[+] If by chance you are going to inquire about anything regarding downloads, LOCK your post.
[+] Until the mini-series' DVD comes out, place major spoilers inside a cut. And for art previews, please try not to use spoilery pics/icons.

[+] Look through the archives and/or tags before beginning a discussion or question post, as someone else may have already done the subject you'd like to post.

[+]If you have any creative ideas for this community, feel free to voice your thoughts. Comment here or e-mail me at wings4music@hotmail.com, so I can make an official post of ideas.

Feel free to comment here with any questions, comments, or concerns.
Tags: !mod post, comm: other
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