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co-mod needed

Okay, I need a co-mod ( & I'm extremely sorry for spamming you with my irritating mod posts! please don't throw the rocks--yet!). So, basically, this is what I need. Someone who...

- Has been on LJ for at least six months (someone w/prior modding experience is not necessary, though it'd be nice)
- Has the capacity to enforce rules.
- Will be able to help me when the
fanfic novel challenge takes place.
- Is somewhat active/up to date w/LJ crap (i.e. someone who actually looks at this community & somewhat plays w/others)


E-mail me at wings4music@live.com with the following -

Tell me why you'd like to help and if there's anything you would like to contribute in addition to typical modding stuff. If you've had any prior modding experience, tell me so & what you did in regards to that.

Know that above all, you'd be involved in helping with tagging & making sure all posts relate to Lost in Austen. Either by reminding members to tag their posts, tagging post for them, or doing both. Either way, you will have to poke ppl sometimes. And hopefully you're more of a people person, b/c obviously I'm the annoying one here. So you can be the mod people actually like! Just messing...but seriously...

eta: and of course, your LJ username (it's a given, but I should've mentioned it anyway!)

Mission accomplished! And from now on, any & all concerns may be e-mailed to lia.mods@gmail.com!
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