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random mod post you can ignore if you'd like. :P

Tags are your friends. True story. ;)

Heh, well this community is really rolling, and once the last episode airs, I have a bit of a plan for this place! My idea though, is fanfic related, but you are all free to throw out your ideas, too (friending memes, graphic contests, etc.). As for my idea? Well, in part four, we may learn a bit of what Elizabeth's been up to. We may not see it all though, and we have our questions about that story. So I would build a little team of writers (4 main ones, two back-ups, all voted on by you) a few beta readers, and few hand-picked community members to concoct our own little fanfic novel on that time. Four big fics that go hand in hand (don't know how I'll split the chapters yet) and we'll have that spin-off. How does that sound? Questions about that or just plain interest, go in the comments!

Now I have to go re-watch part three because it is beyond awesome. And oh, Mr. Wickham...and that Darcy scene...anywho...YES, GO AHEAD AND SQUEE IN THIS POST. LARGE FONT, SPARKLY GRAPHICS, CAPSLOCK ATTACKS, ANYTHING GOES. I CARE NOT.


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