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Roleplaying Pride and Prejudice? Any takers? Am I the only dork?!

I don't know if this is allowed. I don't even know if people do this anymore, but I wanted to throw it out there. Okay, about seven years ago, I was involved in online roleplaying through instant messenger. I absolutely love to write, but I like to write collaboratively. The experience of bouncing ideas around and literally having someone react to your prose. . . so refreshing and entertaining. It appears to be a lost art. Anyhow, I am very interested in writing a continuation of P&P. (As if we really need another sequel, but they're so fun!) I have been inspired since stumbling upon the Lost in Austen mini-series, hence the icon. And I thought Colin Firth was fetching. . .

Anyone, I figured that there maybe some fans here that would be interested? I'm not really looking to do a LIA scenario, rather I'm interested in what takes place in the actual novel after the double wedding at Longbourn. I would use Cowan's unearthly good looks as inspiration for my Darcy if that results in any takers! ;-)

Hopefully, there are some role-players out there who would take interest in this. Unfortunately, this isn't quite the fandom anymore. It's been hard. I'm surprised.

I write posts nowadays through email in paragraph, third person. :)

If interested, I can fill you in with more information. For now, I'm looking for an Elizabeth to play opposite. Come, let us write a sequel! :)
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