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Lost in Austen Icons

001 - 033  Jane Austen various 
034 - 042f Lost in Austen 
043 - 087  Richard Armitage 
074 - 122  North and South 
123 - 128  Little Women 
129 - 132  Lord of the Rings
133 - 167  Jane Eyre 
168 - 173  Narnia 
174 - 187  Snape 

197 - 219  Misc actors/film 



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Everyone, give a nice warm welcome to your new mod, spikesbint! So glad to have you on board!

Alright, so now we're going into the first stage of planning for the fanfic novel. In episode four of Lost in Austen, we learned a few things about what Elizabeth was up to during her time in modern!London. But the girl obviously needs her story to be told--beginning from her discovery of the portal, her decision to exchange places with Amanda, and her final decision to return to modern!London. But who's going to tell this story? That will be up to you. But first, we need some little polls to decide how many writers we'll need, back-up writers, betas, & hand-picked community members will be needed to help flesh out the story. The plan is to have four parts, with each part composed of several chapters. All in all, so a good length would go over the 20, 000 word mark. Who's up to the challenge is a question amongst the polls as well.
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[21 icons] AC Milan
[6 icons] Meredith&Derek (Spoiler 4x03)
[3 icons] Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey
[3 icons] Amanda&Marc (Ugly Betty)
[6 icons] Izzie&Denny
[9 icons] Lee&Kara (BSG)

[19 icons] Amanda&Darcy (Lost In Austen)


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A scene is missing on the DVD

It was brought to my attention by a fellow member on a posting board I frequent that there is a scene missing from the DVD.

Many of us enjoyed the scene where Amanda sings "Down town" to the company. Well it is missing entirely. It just shows her standing there in front of them and they are applauding her performance with no song and the only reference made to it, is when Bingley comments on the song and about being sure to go down town when life is getting him down. How annoying. I have heard of this happening when rights to use a song cannot be secured, but in the words of Knightley and Amanda, badly done ITV, badly done! :(