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co-mod needed

Okay, I need a co-mod ( & I'm extremely sorry for spamming you with my irritating mod posts! please don't throw the rocks--yet!). So, basically, this is what I need. Someone who...

- Has been on LJ for at least six months (someone w/prior modding experience is not necessary, though it'd be nice)
- Has the capacity to enforce rules.
- Will be able to help me when the
fanfic novel challenge takes place.
- Is somewhat active/up to date w/LJ crap (i.e. someone who actually looks at this community & somewhat plays w/others)

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Mission accomplished! And from now on, any & all concerns may be e-mailed to lia.mods@gmail.com!
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Little Side Note...

Anyone else watching Poirot on ITV1 tonight? It's got both Jemima Rooper (Amanda) and Tom Mison (Bingley) in it which is good. I didn't know the latter was going to be making an appearance.

The two of them must get on well. I read in an interview that they share a flat so they must either be friends or dating. Either way, I think the two of them are fabulous at what they do. Great to see them on screen together so soon after LiA!
j/k; love will come find you

My Way Home (one-shot)

title: My Way Home
summary: An alternate ending to the mini-series. Amanda finds a note, and is once again left surprised by the person who most surprised her during her accidental trip.
characters/pairings: Amanda, Wickham (hints of Amanda/Wickham, mentions of Amanda/Darcy)
rating: PG
note: AU ending of the mini-series, so only mild spoilers if anything. Enjoy.

(pieces of an imagined life.)