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Final Episode Countdown Post...

I just thought i'd provide everyone with a place to squee in the last hour and twenty minutes or so before the final episode starts. I for one, have decided that i'm definitely recording it so I don't have to rely on unreliable online vid sites for my fix (until the DVD comes out)

It'd be good to keep this basically spoiler free though. Because i've managed to avoid SOME of the spoilers up until now. And I really don't know the overall outcome.

(This post is of course, incase anyone is actually here!)
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behind the scene doc + spoiler pics

Some of you might be interested to know that there is a behind the scene documentary for Lost in Austen, tonight on ITV3 at 10PM . There is a preview clip on the ITV website:

The preview clip contains some spoilers. Behind the cut, there are 2 screencaps I managed to take of a spoilery scene for episode 4 :)

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One more day to go!

Okay, disregarding any spoilers/previews/sense...

What would you like to happen in the last episode?

Me? I'll put my Wickham fancy aside for the moment.

I'd like the Jane and Collins to be resolved (er, preferably off-screen so he stops creeping me out) quickly. I'm warming to the idea of her with Darcy. I think in this instance, he's vulnerable and lonely, and she's got a bit of bite to her. Perhaps not marriage, but a short courtship would be lovely. Bingley doesn't really deserve her at this point. Maybe his behaviour will improve drastically, halfway through?

Georgiana and Lydia interaction would also be great - I don't really understand why Darcy didn't engineer something like that. Unless it's because he still doesn't think too well of the Bennets/had other things on his mind. The latter is what I think is really the issue with his dealings with his sister.

Mr Bennet taking a more proactive role in his family, maybe even talking to Lydia or Kitty without being rude.

Colonel Fitzwilliam. Just a gratuitous shirtless shot would be fine.

I'd love Lady Catherine to take Amanda on properly. That scene is one of my favourites in PP.
(Just a quick thought - have they completely written Anne out? Surely Darcy would have proposed to her were he inclined to propose to somebody? That would nix the main reason for Lady Catherine's objections, though I'm sure she'd still muster up a bit of self-importance for the occasion)
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If you were lost in Austen...

what would you be doing? Trying to keep the book on track like Amanda, deliberately running it off course, or just having a good time?

Me, I'd probably be off with Wickham, or trying to wangle myself a Pemberley invite. Or I'd be following Darcy around with a bucket of water, if I couldn't get him near any lakes.

Amanda's awfully good keeping the book as together as she does, but I'd never get engaged to Mr Collins just for Jane. And if by some chance I did, I wouldn't have turned down Wickham's subsequent offer.

(edit - I just asked my mother (with whom I've been watching the series), "What would you do if you were lost in Austen?" and before I'd even finished speaking, she said, "Darcy". I was raised by the best)