Witcher: Yennefer

quick question

i'm very sorry if this has already been brought up but i was wondering, if anyone elses L.I.A DVD misses out the part where Miss Price sings Downtown?

mine does so all you see is the end of the conversation where Mr bingley mentions a part from the song.
i'm fairly gutted because that was one of my fave parts lol
ah well

again sorry if this has already been discussed
Lady Gaga

Lost In Austen dreams...

Has anyone had any of the "Lost in Austen" characters creep into their dreams at all? I only ask because if i've been watching a show before bed this occasionally does happen.

So I was watching some LiA last night, and amongst the many dreams I had, I had a dream where I was in a school gym class, doing field hockey practice, and we had to do tasks in pairs, and I was paired with Darcy! Unfortunately for me, he was getting frustrated with my rubbish hockey skills. For the next task, we had to go and get another partner and I somehow found Amanda and paired with her, and we were both very relieved as we were as crap as each other.

I should mention that the both of them were in their period costume during this... Darcy in his usual garb and Amanda in the green dress that Wickham buys her. Everyone else was just wearing standard P.E kit.

How... strange. Anyone else had any "Lost In Austen" dreams?