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lost in austen

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for fans of the mini-series Lost in Austen

Jemima Rooper stars as Amanda Price - the frustrated romantic who lives for reading and adores the characters in her Jane Austen books. Then one day she discovers a gateway in her flat and ends up being transported to her favorite world the world of Pride and Prejudice. But is the "true story" in danger of being thrown offtrack?(source)

This is a community dedicated to the mini-series Lost in Austen, a four part mini-series that first aired on September 3rd, 2008 on the UK channel ITV. Open to anyone and everyone, this community allows for discussions, graphics, fanfiction, and fanart of any kind. Anything can go here so long as it's Lost in Austen related. For some basics, feel free to check out the
welcome post
If you'd like to affiliate with the community, PM the maintainer wings4music. For any concerns/suggestions you may e-mail her at wings4music@hotmail.com

!: Tag entries accordingly.
!: Respect fellow LJ'ers
!: No flaming the series or people w/in the community.
!: To pimp and/or affiliate your comm., PM wings4music. NO PIMPING W/O PERMISSION.
!: If you want to ask a question or discuss a certain topic, look in the archives before doing so, so that there aren't double posts on the same discussion/questions.

!: In the case that you'd like to ask/discuss something regarding downloads, YOU SHOULD LOCK YOUR POST.
!: That is all. HAVE FUN. ;D



"it is a truth generally acknowledged--
that we are all longing to escape.